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Startup Manufactory

We start you up

Startup Manufactory

We start you up

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Startup Manufactory are a venture development firm that specializes in building startups, supporting corporates and educational institutions.


Are you starting or running a business and want to take it to the next level? We bring the right amount of expertise on board with our bespoke packages to accelerate your business.

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Startup Manufactory have established a network of powerful partnerships with angel investors, investment clubs and venture capital firms that allow us to source the right type of investors for your venture.

It is hard and very time consuming to find the right investor to fund your business idea. And who wants to join an over-hyped incubator anyway that takes a large bite of equity for a handful of cash discounting your valuation right from the outset?

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Financial services package Startup Manufactory

We head-hunt the right type of top-tier investor providing funding at a fair valuation to remain investable for future investors.
Our carefully sourced investors provide you with social capital, a large network that will open doors for you.
High quality investors provide industry experience, technical expertise, strategic advice and also operational support.

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Are you a business school or a university looking for entrepreneurial education? Startup Manufactory provide you with bespoke entrepreneurial course packages covering a wide range of entrepreneurial topics.

We also provide angel investment training courses covering the full spectrum of angel investing, regulations, taxation, including real-world case studies and subject matter expert speakers.

Drawing from our real-world experience, we bring hands-on entrepreneurial skills into the class room.
We deliver sought after entrepreneurial skills to make your students for for the startup world and corporate world alike.
We improve the positioning of your institution by helping you to provide hands-on skills delivered by experts in their respective field.

Our modules cover a wide range of topics. Get in touch here.