What we are not

We are not 9-5. We are not employees. We don’t share the same piece of carpet every day. We don’t work in one country only. We don’t speak only one language. We don’t talk the talk.

What we are

We are a team of entrepreneurs. We collaborate on projects. We work out of private member clubs and on client sites. We work and live in multiple countries. We speak many languages. Each of us has started at least one business. We share our experience and lead by example.

Our Values

We believe that entrepreneurship leads to independence, self-actualisation and a better life.

We believe that passion and purpose are the key drivers for entrepreneurial success.

We believe that entrepreneurs are essential to our country’s prosperity and economic stability.

Our Mission

We actively contribute to the startup ecosystem through startup consulting, entrepreneurship education, and startup events. We advocate a free lifestyle in a free world where everyone can be in control of their fate and future.

Our Story

It all began in 2013 when many of Matts’ friends left corporate London to start their own business. Despite being highly specialised in their respective professions, most of the founders needed help with vital elements of their business such as Market Research, Financial Models, Business Plans, and Fundraising.

Due to better cost control, most of the founders appreciated the convenience being able to source expertise on demand rather than committing to full-time employees. This is particularly important during the early stages of a venture. As demand continuously grew, Matt started putting a team of entrepreneurs together – Startup Manufactory was born!

Three years on and Startup Manufactory served 50+ clients ranging from HNWIs, to SMEs, universities, and a governmental organisation. With over 40+ talks and public speaking engagements across the European Union, Startup Manufactory now has become a fixture in the EU startup ecosystem and our ecosystem has grown exponentially.