about startup manufactory


About Startup Manufactory

We are passionate about entrepreneurship for it provides independence, economic growth, and social stability. Our vision is to create a society that lives in peace and prosperity based on the ‘four freedoms’ of the European Union: the freedom of movement of goods, people, services, and cross-border capital. Our mission is to provide startup consulting, entrepreneurship training, economic development, and empowerment through conference speaking. To maximise our impact, we work across the private, the public, and the third sector. Passion leads to a purpose which results in excellence.

2013 – How it all began

It began in 2013 when the startup industry in London was maturing and many people left corporate London to start their own businesses. Despite being specialists in their respective fields, most of the founders needed support with market research, go-to-market strategy, business plans, or fundraising. Sourcing expertise on demand as opposed to committing to full-time employees allowed the founders to operate more cost-efficient and meet profit targets much quicker. The idea of Startup Manufactory was conceived and put into practice.

2015 – Growing impact

After having worked with numerous founders and having gained some popularity, we were approached by universities asking to share our expertise with their students. We then turned our startup consulting expertise into programmes, workshops, and lectures to complement the academic elements with practical elements. Drawing from our experience we are now planting the seeds for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

2016 – Growing sustainability

Having built a reputation through consulting, teaching and conference speaking, our management team joined the European Commission as Independent Experts where we now also evaluate grant proposals and monitor startup ecosystem development projects of the H2020 programme. Shaping the environment the seeds will grow in has a sustainable impact and is rewarding for many in the long-term.

2018 – Economic development

Having provided consulting, training, and ecosystem project evaluations, we decided to take the next step and expand our footprint globally. We built a network of partnerships with other ecosystem players to co-bid for tenders and governmental grants. This way our impact will be even more sustainable and on a larger scale. Target geographies are SW Europe, SE Europe, West Africa, and the Caucasus region where we identified lots of opportunities for impact.