startup advice session in person

startup advice session via skype

While many people keep talking about starting a business one day, we help you taking the next step.

We will analyse your business model, develop your revenue streams, show you financing options, stress-test your route-to-market strategy, and advise on marketing. Eventually, you will get a thorough assessment of your business idea plus a road-map for taking the next step.

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Carina Lindstrom

“This consulting session really helped me to look into alternative ways how to finance my business idea.”

Anirrudha Churiwala

“After the session with Startup Manufactory, I felt I really wanted to do this.”

Minerva Singh

“Thanks so much for the session. It was the most useful information I have ever received on the topic. “

Julius Mantel

“The session with Matt certainly helped me a lot. I was able to save a lot of money I had spent otherwise on a project with low feasibility”