Startups are not miniature versions of large companies. Startups are entities in search mode. Whether they are pivoting on their business model, building a minimum viable product, piloting a prototype, testing various route-to-market strategies, or doing customer development, building a startup is a constant string of trial-and-error.

There are endless ways to go about market validation and start making money. There are endless ways to get it right or wrong yet each step is a gain in experience in itself regardless of the outcome. But at the end of the day the only thing that counts is generating a revenue.

Team members of Startup Manufactory have been there already and therefore bring the right kind of expertise on board when required. You will not only benefit from our extensive practical startup experience but also from our large network ranging from angel investment clubs to top-tier business schools, accelerators, and seasoned entrepreneurs. We provide you with bespoke service packages to avoid costly mistakes, increase the return on your investment, and maximise the value of your resources in order to accelerate your startup.

You will spend resources anyway over time so why not allocating them on value creation right from the onset?

Your benefits:

  • Use our services on an hourly basis for optimal flexibility
  • Engage us on a project basis for maximum outcome
  • Choose a bespoke business service package tailored to your business needs
  • Work with multiple experts during each engagement over the course of your business
  • Startup Manufactory provide startup business consulting with a sharp focus on the following areas:

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    Our service packages according to startup stages

    To provide you with maximum flexibility and depending on the stage of your business we offer various remuneration options:

  • Hourly rate
  • Project based fee
  • Revenue share
  • Equity share
  • Fundraising commission
  • Please contact us for a no-strings attached assessment.