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The Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship is in the region of Limburg the largest entrepreneurship event. Happening yearly, the ME Week aims to bring together around 500 students and entrepreneurs for an exciting 3 day program highlighted by workshops, presentations and lectures. Participants get inspired, network, share practices, and ask for advice.

Under the motto “Be The Boom”, the event’s mission is to create an interdisciplinary hub that empowers individuals from all fields and backgrounds to become conscious catalysts and mobilisers of positive change in the world as entrepreneurs. The programme will feature talks, workshops, panel discussions and a pitch competition of innovative startups joining from all around Europe in the race to win investors’ attention and the first place as the most feasible early stage startup.

Join this week to get inspired and understand what it takes to become an entrepreneur. If you’re already working on an idea, join the pitch competition and prepare to fight for the first spot alongside 10 other startups. This event aims to inspire young entrepreneurs and to connect young talents coming form different backgrounds to work together, create valuable ventures and discover who’s going to be the next “BOOM”!

Matt Kuppers, CEO of Startup Manufactory will be speaking on how to get a job in a startup and what skills and experience and skills are relevant and what needs to be considered to make for a successful candidate with a startup.

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