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Angel Academy Launch Panel Discussion

In the UK, a plethora of support for entrepreneurs is available these days. From the British government to universities to accelerators, entrepreneurs and startups see a great deal of support. It has never been so easy to start a business before.
In all of this, the second most component of the startup industry, the angel investors, are fairly overlooked. Where do they receive support from, where do they learn the trade and acquire skills? When 9 out of 10 startups fail, how many angels fail?
Angel Academy is London’s first angel investing course. We teach people to become professional angel investors and make a living through angel investing. The course will cover all things angel investing, starting from evaluating startups, valuations, term sheets, equity structuring, vesting periods, tax optimisation, legal matters, as well as exit strategies.
Please find more information on Angel Academy here
On Thursday 5th of May from 7 – 9 pm, we will hold a panel discussion on angel investing, the role angels play in startups and most importantly, how to become an angel investor. Panelists include:
Adam Davies – Angel investor, entrepreneur and part-time lecturer at London Business School
Cornel Chiriac – Head of Investment Screening Chicago Angels Network
Emmanuel Léonard – Board member of Columbia Business School Angels London
Deepali Nangia – Investment Director at Wild Blue Cohort
The panel will be chaired by Matt Kuppers, CEO of Startup Manufactory and it held in collaboration with the LBS Entrepreneurship Club.

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