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You’ve got your business idea worked out, your business plan has been written up, now you are taking your business idea to the next level. Your Minumum Viable Product (MVP) needs development. When it comes to MVP development planning, there are a number of ways to go about it but which is the most cost efficient one? How can you maximise the value of your MVP? Where do you source talent from? What are the market rates for developers? How do you assess their level of quality without being a developer yourself? How do you incentivise them? Is outsourcing better or should you get a CTO straight away?

Join us for a talk on MVP development with Matt Kuppers, CEO of Startup Manufactory and Timo Hilhorst, Product Owner and one of the Founders of Startup Startup, a talent/startup matchmaking platform.

The event is organised by General Assembly and hosted by the Entrepreneurship Club of London Business School.

Please sign up for a ticket by clicking here.

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