About Startup Manufactory

Founded in London amidst the startup boom in 2013, Startup Manufactory is a privately held consulting firm specialised in Private Sector Development, Startup Consulting and Startup Training. Driven by the belief that entrepreneurship leads to prosperity, peace, and economic stability, the company provides a range of consulting services to various entrepreneurship ecosystem stakeholders.

Since its inception, the firm engaged 120+ clients across the private and the public sector. In 2020 the company moved to Dublin. Members of the Startup Manufactory management team also serve as Independent Experts to several Directorates General of the European Commission. The firm operates a mission-specific team building approach and works with a pool of 25+ internationally located independent consultants. Geographies active: British Isles, Europe, Africa.

Current and Past Projects (selection)

EurAfrica ICT | Startup Manufactory Limited is the coordinator of EurAfrica ICT, an African-European consortium developing a Pan-African Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) ecosystem in Africa’s digitally most advanced markets Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. EurAfrica ICT also facilitates ICT policy reforms in those markets to remove regulatory uncertainties for entrepreneurs and investors across four key Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) namely Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Open Data. The project is a response to the call ICT-58-2020 and received €2,000,000 in EU funding. Click here for more info

Directorate General Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (FISMA) | Startup Manufactory is a member of the Technical Expert Stakeholder Group on SMEs' of the European Commission. In that capacity the firm provides policy advice to FISMA on SME growth markets, associated policies, and identify areas where further action may be needed. Click here for more info

King Williams' College Isle of Man | Delivery of a fully-fledged Business Management course to 20+ sixth form students based on the International Baccalaureate® (IB). Deliverables include the preparation of classes, tests, and the development of training material on the basis of the IB. Click here for more info.

Simulation for Digital Health (SimDH) | Run by London South Bank University, SimDH supports health tech start-ups and SMEs to innovate, develop, and deliver new products and services. Startup Manufactory delivered 130+ hours of startup business consulting to 20 health tech startups. Click here for more info. Click for testimonials.

Isle of Man Government | The government engaged Startup Manufactory to conduct an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Review of the local ecosystem and provide and action plan to further enhance the local ecosystem. The study involved 80 interactions with 75 individuals including face-to-face interviews, calls, workshops, emails, and surveys. Stakeholders included entrepreneurs, government, investors, suppliers, professional services firms and other business owners. Click here for more info.

Advantage Austria Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy | Provision of support for various startup soft-landing programmes titled Startup Catapult London plus startup business consulting of 30+ Austrian startups looking to relocate to London. Coaching of project management, delivery of multiple workshops on the London ecosystem, entrepreneurial finance, and growth. Click here for more info.

London School of Economics and Political Science | The School engaged the firm to develop an innovation incubation concept for third sector innovation & IP commercialisation. The project included the assessment and evaluation of the research of 10 LSE academics in order to opportunities for commercialisation. In addition to that the firm develop various courses geared towards LSE researchers looking to commercially exploit their research. Click here for more info.

CzechInvest | Development and delivery of several workshops, panel discussions, and talks on entrepreneurship and startups at the Czech Embassy in London and at various accelerators in Prague and Pilsen as part of the international CzechMatch Programme. The programme is looking to internationalise Czech startups and enhance their global footprint by providing them with global soft-landing programmes and international partner support. Click here for more info.

Spark Mostar | SPARK is an IT education hub in Mostar dedicated to students and digital professionals. Startup Manufactory delivered startup business consulting and management team coaching sessions on product development and marketing strategy, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and fundraising. Click here for more info.

Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency | Development of an online webinar for EU grant beneficiaries to build grant application capacities for European agriculture startups titled Identifying your products' competitive advantage. The project is part of a webinar series. Click here for more info.

London Business School | Co-organization of LBS's first hackathon attended by 300 MBA students. Delivered talks, workshops, and sat on the jury panel. Startup business mentoring of 10 MBA startup student teams through the LBS Entrepreneurship Summer School (ESS). Click here for more info.

Inseec University London | Development and delivery of a 60-hours entrepreneurship course named Startup Academy to 100 French BBA students comprising of four modules: Finance, Product development, Marketing, and Business models (ECTS accreditation). Click here for more info.