About Startup Manufactory

Founded amidst the London startup boom in 2013, Startup Manufactory is a privately held consulting firm specialised in Startup Consulting, Startup Training, and Private Sector Development. Committed to valuing diversity, equality, and mutual respect of every individual regardless of their background the firm applies a universal concept of inclusivity reflected in its mission to foster entrepreneurship internationally. Driven by the belief that entrepreneurship leads to prosperity, peace, and economic stability, the company promotes entrepreneurship in the following ways:

I. Provision of consulting to founders, startups, and SMEs

II. Delivery of entrepreneurship training to accelerators, incubators, universities, and development agencies

III. Advice to Government-level organisations building startup ecosystems across regions and countries

Since its inception, the firm engaged over 100 clients across the private and the public sector in over 10 countries. Members of the management team of Startup Manufactory also serve as independent experts to several bodies of the European Union.

Startup Manufactory works solely with an international network of independent consultants. All of which are successful founders, investors, and advisors. Since its inception, the firm has established a large business network across the UK and the EU encompassing consultancies, universities, research institutes, Digital Innovation Hubs, government representatives, entrepreneurs, and investors.