About Startup Manufactory


Startup Manufactory Ltd is a privately held consulting firm specialised in Private Sector Development and Startup Consulting. Since inception in 2013, the firm has engaged 120+ clients across the private and the public sector and built a large network of international partner organisations such as universities, research centres, consultancies, and investment firms. Startup Manufactory also assists the European Commission with the improvement of existing Union legislation, Programmes, Entrepreneurship policies and Ecosystem development. 


The firm is driven by the belief that entrepreneurship leads to prosperity, peace and economic stability. Having a cosmopolitan mindset and embracing diversity is paramount to success in an interconnected global business environment. This is why Startup Manufactory instils founders with an international mindset to equip them with the confidence to thrive in an increasingly competitive world.   


Back in 2013, the London startup industry began growing exponentially and with it the demand for startup consulting services. This represented the perfect business opportunity for a firm like Startup Manufactory. In 2015, as the industry kept growing, many universities launched startup accelerators and needed startup consultants which allowed Startup Manufactory to increase its target market. In 2016, many governments adjusted their policies to the growing startup industry so Startup Manufactory expanded its services into the government sector providing expertise and policy advice to various governmental organisations on startup ecosystem development.