About Startup Manufactory

Founded in London amidst the startup boom in 2013, Startup Manufactory group is a privately held consulting firm specialised in Private Sector Development, Startup Training and Startup Consulting. Since its inception, the firm engaged 120+ clients across the private and the public sector. Members of the management team of Startup Manufactory also serve as Executive Board Members and as Independent Experts in Entrepreneurship to several bodies of the European Union. Driven by the belief that entrepreneurship leads to prosperity, peace, and economic stability, the company provides consulting to a range of entrepreneurship ecosystem stakeholders:


Matt was doing an excellent job in coaching our startups and preparing them well for their pitches. Furthermore he is a valuable speaker by delivering real content and know-how.”

Dr Christine Thaler

Senior Sector Manager


Austrian Embassy - Commercial Section

Hi Matt,

I hope you're well. I attended your workshop last week at LSE. It was so useful to go through my project with you. I’m buzzing with ideas now thanks to your help!



Dear Matt,

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you from my whole committee for coming to give your workshop at OI, and all your help in the process of organising the conference. I hoe you had fun and a fruitful time. Your workshop definitely attracted the largest workshop-crowd of the conference!

Best wishes,


Director of Oxford Inspires

“I was thinking to start an app right away. After talking with Matt, he suggested me to start with a website first and testing the market before getting involved with an app development and spending a high upfront fee without having any customer yet.”

“I reconsidered my approach to meet my end goal. I thought the way of delivering was mainly the app while a more organic way between offline and online is a great combination, to begin with.”

“It gave me the confidence to run the surveys and start investing time and money into my idea. Matt also offers great tips for resources, etc, that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.”

“I have begun to prioritise much better since my consultation, especially regarding sales and their importance when giving away equity during negotiating with potential investors. I also immediately updated my website to better advertise my products to the public.”

“To dig deeper into the market research. Before any action is taken there should be an intensive market research and feel which as Matt mentioned could take up to 2 months.”

“I was given very sound advice as to how I should go about actually getting my prototype done and then launching it. With that advice, I went on to contact product development teams at different universities and got in touch with people who would help turn the idea into a product.”

“The session with Matt certainly helped me a lot. I was able to save a lot of money I had spent otherwise on a project with little feasibility.”

“Will approach and market business to a broader clientele differently as a result of some tips given.”