About Startup Manufactory

Founded amidst the startup boom in 2013 in London, Startup Manufactory Ltd is a privately held startup consulting firm specialised in Startup Consulting, Startup Training, and Private Sector Development. Driven by the belief that startups lead to prosperity and independence, the company fosters and promotes startups and entrepreneurship internationally in three different ways:

I. Providing startup consulting to founders, startups, and SMEs

II. Providing consulting and training to organisations working with startups such as accelerators, universities, and development agencies

III. Providing consulting and advice to Government-level organisations building startup ecosystems to foster private sector development across regions and countries

Since its inception, the firm engaged over 100 clients across the private and the public sector in over 10 countries and has been described as the "McKinsey for Startups" by the University of Oxford. Startup Manufactory works with a network of international consultants all of which have are successful founders and investors. The firm is owned by Matt Kuppers and Letitia Seglah who spoke at 100+ conferences globally over the past years.

Matt Kuppers' 11-years of industry experience ranges from venture capital, entrepreneurship, fundraising, to evaluating and monitoring EU-level projects.

Letitia Seglah spent 12 years in investment banking before moving into startup consulting, training, and advising EU-level organisations.

Matt and Letitia are both alumni of the London School of Economics.

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